Theme: “Safe, Smart and Sustainable Transport Systems for Global Economic Growth”

Organized by the African Transportation Professionals Networking Group in collaboration with Transport Sectors, Professionals, Universities, Industries, and Stakeholders

AFRICAN – AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION PROFESSIONALS NETWORKING GROUP invites you to submit abstract(s) of not more than 300 words to the secretariat

International contact: +1 202-641-2598

About the Conference

Important Deadlines

Proposed Topics

  1. Road Asset Infrastructure Management.
  2. Intermodal Infrastructure Planning and Development: Transport modes integration to facilitate smooth flow of goods and passengers.
  3. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Approach in Transport Infrastructure Development and Management.
  4. Effective Urban Mass Transport Systems.
  5. Planning for and Management of the Complementary Role of Rail and Road Modes of Transport.
  6. Application of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Improvement of Transportation of Goods and People.
  7. Traffic and Infrastructure Safety Issues to be addressed for Sustainable Transportation.
  8. Promoting Road Safety for Vulnerable Road Users.
  9. Safer Road by Infrastructure Design and Operation.
  10. Sustainable Funding for Transport Infrastructure Development and Maintenance.
  11. Removal of Non-tariff Barriers for Smooth Freight Movement.
  12. Environmental Issues to be Considered/Addressed to Support Sustainable Regional Transportation.
  13. Building Climate-Resilient Roads, Adapting Road Design to a Changing Climate.
  14. Incorporating Climate Resilience into Asset Management Systems.
  15. Connected and Automated Vehicles – Challenges and Opportunities for Road Operators and Road Authorities.
  16. Smart Transportation.
  17. Readying Roads for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.
  18. The role of sustainable transportation systems in reducing congestion in major metropolitan areas in Africa.
  19. Planning and Design to Support Safe Transport, including Provisions for Non-Motorized Transport.
  20. Technology Transfer Centers for Promoting Implementation of Effective Procedures, Transportation Systems, and Technologies at the Local Level.
  21. New Technologies for Road Construction and Maintenance of Unpaved Roads.
  22. Challenges and Solutions for Management of Unpaved Roads.


International Planning/ Organizing Committee 

  1. Dr. Simon Oladele, Ph.D., Pr.Eng, M.ASCE
    ICTA Chairperson/ International Coordinator
  2. Prof. Glenn Robinson, MA. MM.,
    Institute for Urban Research, Morgan State University, MD, USA 

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